Semporna is a small port town of about 150,000 inhabitants.

It is the getaway to the nearby islands of Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, Pom Pom Island, Mataking, etc.

Most incoming visitors prefer to stay on paradise Mabul island.

Semporna Boat Transfers

Contact us for the the latest scheduled boat transfers from Semporna to the nearby islands.

Which are the Top Hotels in Semporna?

Which are the Budget and Mid-range Resorts around Semporna?

Which are the Hostels in Semporna?

  • Borneo Global Sipadan Backpacker
  • Dragon Inn Floating
  • Scuba Junkie
  • Best Bunk Bed
  • Atine Semporna Backpackers
  • Awys Backpackers
  • Wanderer's Inn
  • Sipadan Hotel Semporna
  • Mutiara Inn
  • Semporna Backpackers
  • Star Inn
  • Billabong Scuba Office
  • Damai Traveller Lodge
  • Mydin Lodge Semporna
  • Island Backpackers
  • Luna Capsule
  • Aramaitie Backpackers
  • Jeff Backpackers Lodge
  • Wook Wook Homestay
  • Marina Hotel
  • Kuree Hut Semporna
  • Mermaid Inn
  • Alice Semporna Backpackers Hostel
  • Poga Backpackers
  • Bunk Inn Semporna II
  • My Home Backpackers
  • RTMS Guesthouse
  • Semporna Ocean Village

Which are the Semporna Homestays?

  • Mabul Scuba Homestay
  • Mabul Hometown (Homestay)
  • Aloha Wonderland Homestay
  • Hosanna Semporna Homestay

When are the Semporna Events & Festivals?

Semporna Chinese Restaurants

  • Fat Mother Semporna (Chinese)
  • Ocean Treasure Live Seafood Restaurant (海中宝)
  • Fung Ling Restaurant
  • Then Wang Restoran (near Pacific Inn)
  • Restoran Thien Wang
  • Dragon Inn
  • Fish Village Seafood Restaurant

Semporna Western Restaurants

  • Scuba Junkie Diver's Bar & Family Cafe
  • Mabul Steak House
  • KFC
  • Arthur's Bar
  • Skyline Sports Bar (Seafest rooftop)

Semporna Malaysian Restaurants

  • Mabul Cafe
  • Restoran Nasi Kandar Al-Farisha
  • Seaview Cafe 1 and 2 (near Seafest)
  • Restoran Bismillah
  • Restoran Al-Nafisah
  • Zanah Food Truck
  • Seafood Restaurant Semporna
  • Anjung Lepa
  • Restoran Bawang Merah Bawang Putih
  • Anjung D'Samudera Cafe
  • Chrystal Jubilee 2

Which are the Semporna Islands?

What are the Top Semporna Other Attractions?

  • Bukit Tengkorak (Skull Hill)
  • Proboscis Monkey River Cruise

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