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Start Diving - PADI Open Water Diver

Take your first breaths underwater and discover an exciting and unique experience.

Whether you are staying for a few days or for longer holiday, this is the course to launch your diving adventure.

Being an OW Diver means you will be certified to dive everywhere including at Sipadan Island.

WHO is up for adventure?

Anyone over the age of 14 looking for the next thrill in the deep blue. As long as you’re healthy, semi-fit and comfortable in water, you’re up for the challenge!

If you haven’t quite reached 14 yet – fear not! You can still start your Scuba journey with PADI’s Junior Open Water Diver course or for younger kids the PADI Bubblemaker Course.

WHAT is all the fuss about?

Have you ever wondered exactly how divers are able to breathe underwater? Or what it feels like to be many metres underwater with tonnes of water above you?

The Open Water course is all about getting familiar with the basics of diving – the techniques and principles and the science behind it all.

Not to mention learning which piece of equipment does what and having the chance to test it all out.

The Open Water course gives you time to practice using the equipment over 5 contained dives and then takes you to the big wide ocean to experience your first taste of underwater magic with 4 or 5 exhilarating open water dives.

WHERE will it take me?

To an unbelievable and largely unexplored world to observe never-before-seen creatures. Enjoy the freedom of diving at Sipadan island and anywhere in the world!

The dive course will be usually conducted around Pulau Mabul, Seaventures, Kapalai and Mataking Island (depending on the island you are staying).

WHEN will I be ready?

Within 3 days (or more days if you need it), you’ll be a qualified Open Water diver and ready to unleash your excitement by diving at Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai islands and later on the planet’s oceans.

WHY should I be excited?

You’ll be a qualified diver with a highly respected organization and enjoy international recognition: no matter where you choose to dive, they’ll know PADI.

You can even claim credit towards your Open Water certification if you’re already a PADI Scuba Diver or if you’ve ever completed a Discover Scuba experience.

HOW do I do it?

If you are staying long enough, you can do the full dive course at the dive resort.

PADI E-Learning

If you are not staying long enough (less than 4 nights) or just want to save one day course by doing the PADI e-learning at home in advance (online theory), which also means you don’t even need to wait to get started on your diving adventure! You will learn the basics at your own pace through interactive e-learning courses online.

Diving at Sipadan

Don't forget to plan for one additional day to go diving at Sipadan after completing your OW course.

More begginer's Dive Courses

Scuba Diver Course - This course will enable you to scuba dive with assistance from a dive professional. A good choice if you don't have to the time to do the Open Water Course, but still want to learn how to dive and get a limited certification./p>

Diving Programmes for Kids

Your kids 8 years or older can learn to dive with our instructors (PADI Bubblemaker and PADI Seal Team).

From here, new diving enthusiasts can extend their certification with the next step, the PADI Adventures In Diving program.

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