Advanced Diving Courses

PADI Advanced Courses

We offer a full range of advanced diving courses.

Experienced instructors will help you improve your diving skills.

WHO is up for adventure?

Calling all Open Water Divers 15 and up! This is a chance to increase your diving skill set, see more and do more.

Designed to keep you moving forward soon after your Open Water certification, the Adventures in Diving program will allow you get just that – even more adventures in diving.

If you’ve already done your Open Water certificate elsewhere (SSI, NAUI, BSAC, CMAS...), PADI does accept equivalent qualifications from other organizations.

WHAT is all the AOW about?

Have you thought about expanding your underwater horizons and seeing more of the fabulous marine world?

PADI’s Adventures In Diving allows you to choose 3 adventure dives to explore different aspects of scuba diving.

Take the chance to learn more about:

  • Navigating using visual landmarks, time and kick-cycles
  • Other ways to use an underwater compass
  • How to make better use of an eRDP (Electronic Dive Planner)
  • The interesting physiological effects are of deep water diving
  • The practical considerations of deep water diving
  • And much more!

WHERE will the Advanced Open Water take me?

Both certifications open endless underwater doors allowing you to literally dive deeper at Sipadan. If you complete the first step and become an Adventure Diver, you can complete 2 more adventure dives to become an Advanced Open Water Diver, and then the real fun starts. The adventure dives could also count towards your next step up, becoming a certified PADI Speciality Diver.

WHEN will I be ready and AOW Certified?

Take the speedy route to adventure and complete 3 adventure dives in 1 day to become qualified as an Adventure Diver. If you have one more day, you can complete the 5 dives over 2 days and be known as an Advanced Open Water Diver.

WHY should I be excited?

Ever wanted to try your hand at underwater navigation or underwater photography? Try these and other diving specialities when you take part in PADI’s Adventures in Diving programs. You could even sample what it’s like to dive at an epic and historical wreck.

HOW do I do it?

There are 2 parts to the Adventures in Diving program – the Adventure Diver certification and the Advanced Open Water certification. If you complete three adventure dives in addition to a deep dive and an underwater navigation dive, you’ll have earned your Advanced Open Water certification.

  • Adventure Diver Course: This course allows to experience more underwater. Choose among 3 specialty introductions. The most popular are Deep Diving (get certified up to 30 meters), Peak Performance Buoyancy (help protect Sipadan), Night Diving, Navigation and Underwater Photography.
  • Advanced Course: This course allows to experience more underwater. Choose among 5 specialty introductions. The most popular are Deep Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diving, Navigation and Underwater Photography.

If you don't have the time (2 days), the PADI’s Advanced Open Water course can be started online via the PADI e-learning website, giving you important background information and theory for some of the Adventure Dives you might choose to complete.

During the AOW course, you will explore many types of diving:

  • Drift dives
  • Boat dives
  • Deep dives
  • Night dives
  • Multi-level dives

You’ll have the chance to sample the art of underwater photography and learn the skills of underwater navigation and peak performance buoyancy.

You can choose to be trained as an underwater naturalist or learn how to identify the different fish species you’ll come into contact with.

The dive courses will usually take place around Mabul, under the Seaventures Dive Rig and around Kapalai Resort excellent reef.

Improve your scuba diving skills and enjoy new diving experiences!

Contact us to Sign Up for the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.