Lobster Wall

Lobster Wall is arguably Mabul's best dive site.

One of the best sites in Mabul, this deep open water wall and reef dive with depths from 25 to 40m and with good viz of 20m, is crammed with colourful fish such as ghost pipe-fish, clown-fish, impressive looking lion-fish, seahorses, rabbit-fish and puffer-fish all hiding amongst the crevices and ledges off the wall and inside the corals. Take a closer look inside a cave famed for it’s lobster inhabitants.

Depth: 25-40 metres

Visibility: 20 metres (66 feet)

Location: Mabul's west reef.



Dive site

Min depth

Max depth


1 Crocodile Avenue 5m 16ft 20m 66ft OW
2 Lobster Wall 25m 82ft 40m 131ft OW
3 Ray Point 5m 16ft 15m 49ft OW
4 Seaventure 12m 39ft 18m 59ft OW
5 House Reef 10m 33ft 15m 49ft OW
6 Eel Garden 5m 16ft 25m 82ft OW
7 Froggy Lair 5m 16ft 10m 33ft OW
7 Paradise 5m 16ft 10m 33ft OW