PADI Night Diver Course

Specialty Dive Courses

Night diving will take you to a transformed underwater world where the colours are different, the marine life acts differently and new creatures are feeding or hunting around every corner.

If you’ve ever wondered how things change once the sun sets, now is your chance to learn all about the exciting world of night diving on PADI’s Night Diver course.

WHO is up for adventure?

If you’re older than 12 and hold at least a Junior Open Water qualification, you qualify to jump on board and have your eyes opened to a whole new underwater world.

WHAT is all the fuss about?

WHAT will I learn?

Get familiar with how to organise and plan your night dive, what kinds of problems you might encounter and how to solve them and specific procedures that differ from daytime diving such as alternative entry and exit techniques.

Night diving also has its own set of techniques, hand signals and navigational skills that are not used during day dives.

WHERE will it take me?

Not only will you get to see a brand new world once you’re underwater, but the surface experience is different too.

Imagine submerging by the light of the moon, with hardly any other boats around and the exciting thought of a whole host of new marine creatures to find, ones that you would never have seen in the day time.

WHY should I be excited?

Night diving is an entirely different world! Under the cover of darkness, all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures appear to hunt or feed and things are far more active than you would have imagined.

HOW do I do it?

There’s a great deal to learn on the PADI Night Diver Course, from specific techniques and procedures to identifying different species that you’ve never seen before.

PADI Instructors will take you through each step at a steady pace to ensure you are completely comfortable with all aspects before you go on your first night dive.

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