Seaventure Platform

Seaventure Platform is a world of wonderful muck diving and lies under the metallic platform of a converted oil rig.

A lot of nudibranchs, frogfishes, crocodillefish, stonefishes, murray eels and uncountable small creatures.

Depth: 12-18 metres

Visibility: 20 metres (66 feet)

Location: Under Seaventures platform.


Dive site

Min depth

Max depth


1 Crocodile Avenue 5m 16ft 20m 66ft OW
2 Lobster Wall 25m 82ft 40m 131ft OW
3 Ray Point 5m 16ft 15m 49ft OW
4 Seaventure 12m 39ft 18m 59ft OW
5 House Reef 10m 33ft 15m 49ft OW
6 Eel Garden 5m 16ft 25m 82ft OW
7 Froggy Lair 5m 16ft 10m 33ft OW
7 Paradise 5m 16ft 10m 33ft OW