Eel Garden

Eel Garden is famous of its many garden eels, rising out of the seabed.

Featruing rose, red, blue and black frogfishes, giant mantis shrimp, blue ribbon eels, batfish, etc.

Depth: 5-25 metres

Visibility: 10 metres (33 feet)

Location: Southeast end of the reef.


Dive site

Min depth

Max depth


1 Crocodile Avenue 5m 16ft 20m 66ft OW
2 Lobster Wall 25m 82ft 40m 131ft OW
3 Ray Point 5m 16ft 15m 49ft OW
4 Seaventure 12m 39ft 18m 59ft OW
5 House Reef 10m 33ft 15m 49ft OW
6 Eel Garden 5m 16ft 25m 82ft OW
7 Froggy Lair 5m 16ft 10m 33ft OW
7 Paradise 5m 16ft 10m 33ft OW