PADI Underwater Navigator Course

Specialty Dive Courses

PADI’s Underwater Navigator course is a fun, safety-focused course that presents an enjoyable challenge for divers looking to put their navigation skills to the test.

WHO is up for adventure?

As long as you’re at least a Junior Open Water diver and older than 10, you’re up for the challenge!

WHAT will I learn?

Learn how to make use of environmental clues to guide you as well as how to use navigational tools such as a compass to increase accuracy and precision.

As you navigate, you’ll come across and interact with various marine creatures, and this course puts an emphasis on ensuring these interactions are always respectful and responsible without disturbing the delicate balance of the underwater world.

WHERE will it take me?

In this course, you learn to be the leader, and so you choose where you’re going.

You no longer have to be the one to turn to your dive master at the end of the dive to guide you back towards the boat, because as a navigating genius you’ll be able to find your way there all on your own.

WHEN will I be ready?

The course is predominantly practical in nature and 3 open water dives are required to qualify.

As these can generally be done in 1 day if conditions are ideal, the course can be completed in as little as 1 day.

WHY should I be excited?

This is a chance to broaden your diving horizons, increase your understanding and become a more independent diver.

HOW do I do it?

Practice practice practice! Develop your navigation techniques with the help of an instructor and complete multiple in-water challenges to qualify.

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