PADI Multi-Level Diver Course

Specialty Dive Courses

Multi-level diving gives you the freedom to dive at varying levels and adjust your bottom time accordingly based on how much nitrogen build-up you will have experienced.

The course covers the theory, planning and knowledge related to multi-level diving and ultimately gets you more time underwater.

WHO is up for adventure?

If you’re an Open Water Diver older than 12, you’ll be able to take the Multi-Level Diver course!

WHAT will I learn?

While you learned the basics of dive planning during your Open Water Course using the RDP (recreational dive planner), if you spent time diving at different levels on one dive you may have miscalculated and robbed yourself of bottom time.

The Multi-Level Diver course gives you the knowledge to effectively plan a multi-level dive and maximise your time underwater.

WHERE will it take me?

Having the skills to plan a multi-level dive will keep you underwater for longer, which is exactly where all of us divers would like to be!

WHY should I be excited?

You’ll get to dive for longer, and have learned a new skill along the way.

HOW do I do it?

Making use of the electronic recreational dive planner for multi-level diving (or e-RDPML for short) is how you conduct all your dive planning on this course.

You’ll then use this dive plan to execute your dive using a dive computer for accuracy and safety.

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