Layang Layang Island Resort

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Avillion Layang Layang is a private island resort located in the South China Sea near Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia also known as "The Jewels of the Borneo Banks".

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Layang Layang Island

Off the mystical island of Borneo lies a little gem, a sparkle within the deep blue sea. Like a mariner's dream, it stands all alone, a striking haven in the wide ocean waiting to be discovered.

This is the intriguing island of Layang Layang, a coral-blessed, deep sea atoll off the coast of Sabah; a kaleidescopic underwater world like no other. This marine heritage is a geographical wonder, with the atoll rising from the deep blue of 2,000m, hardly breaching the surface.

How to Dive with Hammerhead Sharks?

Scuba diving is of course the main reason that people visit Layang Layang Island Resort and shark enthusiasts are in for a real treat between April and May when schools of hammerheads make their way through the area for the mating season. Also to be seen are a number of other pelagic species and some macro life too.

As many as 13 coral reefs have formed here, creating breathtaking underwater scenery. Diving is the pinnacle of Layang Layang's beautiful experience - expect a vacation like no other on this isolated atoll.

Why Layang Layang is one of the Best Dive the World?

Being in the middle of nowhere has its advantages. The nearest human inhabitation is over 300 kms away, separated by the fierce South China Sea. The marine life here enjoy total isolation from human encroachment. Its pristine walls with outstanding underwater visibility that average of 30-60 metres year round bears testimonial to its heritage.

Layang Layang is a wall diving mecca. The ocean floor drops to an amazing 2000 metres from the edge of the atoll.

The combination of deep water and pristine walls attracts big fishes galore with the hammerhead sharks being one of Layang Layang's most famous residents. Big schools of these rarely seen oceanic sharks congregate here, their silihouettes dramatically gliding in the clear blue. Not less spectacular are the occasional appearances of dolphines and a turtle or two swimming gracefully around you. And it's not surprising to find yourself being surrounded by schools of Jacks.

Another major attraction of diving in Layang Layang is the feeling of frontier diving - you could see almost anything.

Every dive brings some new surprises - whether it's a dogtooth or a forest of gorgonian fans. The exceptionally dear water has promoted superb coral growth, and the craggy walls are a mass of soft coral and sponges.

Hammerhead Sharks

Diving is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Layang Layang Island Resort, as all dive gear is available for rent and will be pre-loaded onto the resort’s diving Catamarans. Guests are on-site in less than 30 minutes and can enjoy all that the underwater world has to offer.

The in-house PADI dive center is professionally run by a team of experienced and qualified instructors. The dive team has thousands of dives at Layang Layang between them.

Many stunning dives await you as the average visibility is between 30 to 60 metres year round.

Layang Layang is a wall diving mecca - the ocean floor drops to an amazing 2000 metres from the edge of the atoll.

This combination of deep water, pristine walls and healthy coral gardens means that you'll see varied sealife from pelagics to colourful tropical fishes to anemones and nudibranchs.

Equipment in dive centre include 10 Catamaran boats that brings the divers to the sites within 10-15 minutes, 300 80cu.ft. aluminium tanks, Bauer KAP 180 compressors, 20 sets of BCDs and regulators (Scuba Pro), lots of fins, masks, booties, weights and belts.

All divers must agress to the strict Environment Conservation Programme set-up by the Dive centre and are required to sign a Reef Conservation Policy prior to diving. PADI dive courses up to Divemaster level are conducted.

Layang Layang Diving

Rooms at Layang Layang

Layang Layang Resort features 86 newly renovated traditionally-designed rooms reflecting the rustic and beautiful style of the Borneo tribes.

All rooms contain modern amenities and home comforts as well as a taste of the exotic.

Although Layang Layang Island is an exotic and remote destination, guests are not expected to settle for less than total comfort and exceptional service.

Guest rooms are air-conditioned and have all the modern comforts such as private hot showers, refrigerators, telephones and TVs with regional satellite broadcasts and in-house videos.

Layang Layang Room

Rooms come equipped with 2 queen beds for twin sharing and 4 different room options are available.

Layang Layang Island Resort is the only commercial operation on the island. The resort complex is made up of six blocks of tropical hardwood timber structure housing 86 well-appointed guest rooms.

All guest rooms are equipped with remote controlled air-conditioner, telephone, television with in-house video & programmes from regional satellite broadcast, private hot/cold shower and toilet, two queen-sized beds and a private balcony.

Standard Room

  • Air-conditioned
  • Twin beds with en-suite facilities
  • Private balcony
  • Colour TV with satellite
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Mini fridge
  • Size of 304.6 ft² or 28.3 m²

Superior Room

  • Air-conditioned
  • Twin beds with en-suite facilities
  • Private balcony
  • Colour TV with satellite
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Mini fridge
  • Size of 304.6 ft² or 28.3 m²

Deluxe Room

  • Air-conditioned
  • King size bed with en-suite facilities
  • Private balcony
  • Private Jacuzzi
  • Colour TV with satellite
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Mini fridge
  • Size of 700 ft² or 65 m²

Suite Room

  • Air-conditioned
  • King size bed with en-suite facilities
  • Private balcony
  • Private Jacuzzi
  • Colour TV with satellite
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Mini fridge
  • Size of 2609 ft² or 242.4 m²

Resort Facilities

The resort offers a wide variety of activity choices for divers and non-divers.

Aside from water-based activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and snorkelling, guests can opt for a relaxation session at the swimming pool or the resort’s spa called Raba Raba House.

Layang Layang Swimmingpool

The reception block houses a lounge bar, reception counter, 150 seats restaurant and a fresh water swimming pool. International telephone & fax services are available. The reception block houses a lounge bar, reception counter, a 150-seat restaurant and a fresh water swimming pool. International telephone & fax services are available.

With a large restaurant serving Continental and traditional Asian fare as well as a bar lounge, conference room and reading corner, there are many areas to relax and socialize on the resort.

As all guests are on full board basis, meals are presented daily in either buffet setting or set menus with a main focus on Asian cuisine interspersed with International favorites. Enjoy scrumptious meals for as often as five times a day!

The resort can also cater for banquets, seminars, meetings, conferences and incentive group functions, with the ability to host up to 200 persons.

Birding at Layang Layang

Visit the Bird Island Sanctuary, where many migratory birds including egrets, swallows, crested terns, brown foot boobies and more birds come within a large lagoon.

When you are not diving, bird watching is the pastime. Binoculars are not required as migratory birds have taken over one of the island within the lagoon for their annual breeding season. Boat trips to the Bird Island sanctuary can be arranged upon request.

South China Sea Birds

Here at Bird Island, swallows, egrets, brown foot boobis, crested terns and other feathered creatures find a resting place on a predator-free breeding ground after long journeys. At any one time, there are hundreds of birds on this undisturbed island. One can see terns in courtship and parenting boobies feeding chicks with food between their beaks. Besides the marine life, these birds are a unique attraction at Layang Layang.

How to get to Layang Layang?

The nearest International access point is the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah; a state of the Malaysia Federation in the island of Borneo. Direct flights are available from Tokyo, Taipei, Kaoshiong, China, Bangkok, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bali, Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

Regular flights are operated by a private airline from Kota Kinabalu Terminal 1 Airport to Layang Layang. Flights will land at a 1400 metres runway on Layang Layang Island. As limited seats are available, kindly check on seat availability upon booking with our booking with our Kuala Lumpur Sales & Reservation Office.

Charter Flights to Layang Layang

As there are only a couple of charter flights per week to Layang Layang Island, it is highly recommended to book in advance.

Layang Layang is only accessible from March till August (it is closed during the monsoon season from September till February).

Departure Schedule:

  • Kota Kinabalu: 0530
  • Layang Layang: 0710

Arrival Schedule:

  • Layang Layang: 0630
  • Kota Kinabalu: 0810

Please note that schedules are subject to change without notice.

Where is Layang Layang Island?

Layang Layang is a small oceanic atoll situated 300 km off the coast of Sabah, East Malaysia in the middle of South China Sea. The exact location of Layang Layang is 7.5 degrees north of the equator and 114 degree east of the meridian.

Layang Layang is a coral atoll of 14 square kilometres in diameter, jutting out to about 2,000 metres from the depths of the South China Sea.

Discounts & Promotions

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Layang Layang Package Price

Please ask for Package Rates and sample itinerary.

Package includes full board and twin sharing room accommodation.

Guest on Diver Package is entitled to 2 boat dives on arrival day; 3 boat dives on subsequent day and 1 boat dive a day before departure. Divers are provided with tanks, weights and belts.

What is the best season to dive at Layang Layang?

The hammerhead mating season is from April to May. The resort operates from March to July. This is to facilitate our annual maintenance of the resort.

What are the activities for non-divers and snorkelers at Layang Layang?

For non-diver, Layang Layang also offers loads of other fun activities such as wind-surfing for qualified surfers, snorkeling trips, kayaking and seasonal bird watching sessions.

PADI Scuba classes are offered to those who are interested in experiencing the wonderful world of diving. Opt for the "Discover Scuba" lesson if you want to learn basic skills on the usage of scuba equipment and experience being underwater.

If the lagoon is not enough, there's a swimming pool that seems to continue into the sea - a great spot to cool down, read a book or get some drinks.

There is also a massage centre where you can get a body massage or foot reflexology by our experienced masseurs.

Layang Layang Special Entry Permit

The navy must be informed and special permit is required for the following activities. Application to be done at least three months in advance before commercement:

  • Usage of HAM Radio
  • TV or commercial production activities
  • Entry of personal yachts

Travel and Diving insurance

It is recommended that you purchase a travel insurance and Dive Insurance (Divers Alert Network) before your trip to Malaysia.

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Note: Scuba diving at Layang Layang can easily be combined with the Sipadan Park islands and the Tun Sakaran Marine Park.

Customer Reviews & Ratings Star rating based on our guest reviews

"We travelled from England with only one wish – to see hammerhead sharks. We were not disappointed. Over the 10 days that we visited, we had a few days when we didn’t spot any, but we were knowingly diving at locations where they didn’t hang around. We did, however, see hawksbill turtles, giant mantas and a Napoleon wrasse on the days we missed seeing sharks. We had a number of divemasters and thought Roy and Zoey were the best by far. They were both enthusiastic to spot hammerheads for us and managed it every time. The highlight was on our last dive when we saw about 40 of them really close by and got awesome video footage. The diving there is fabulous. The visibility is incredible and there are sharks aplenty. Even the shallow reef dives in the afternoon will keep you busy spotting marine life." , England

"If you are looking for dive heaven, then check out Layang Layang Island off the coast of Borneo, Malaysia Layang Layang is a small island with a lovely, spacious resort called Avillion. The food and services were top-notch during our stay there and the resort was clean. Two thumbs up! There are so many dive sites within a 10-minute drive of the resort, all offering unique underwater adventures that it is impossible to be bored on this island. The coral formations are stunning and the area is known for its hammerhead sharks. Our dive instructors, Rob and Amanda, were very friendly and we felt well cared for by them. This was certainly the best diving trip we have ever been on." , London

"My wife and I recently spent a week on holiday at the Avillion Resort on Layang Layang Island in the South China Sea. We were there in May and enjoyed everything about our stay. The staff at the resort were sociable and the buffet always had enough food. The choice of food was good too. We did find the rooms a bit basic, but we weren't all that surprised since the island is located in such a remote area. We went to Layang Layang for the diving and we weren't disappointed. What we saw on the coral reefs surrounding the island was truly amazing. We had a fantastic dive trip and both of us agree that we would certainly go again." , Brisbane, Australia

"I checked Layang Layang off my bucket list with this diving trip and it did not disappoint me. There was a huge amount of pelagic to see. I saw the imposing hammerheads as well as grey reef sharks and black tip sharks. There were manta rays and plenty of sharks schools of trevallies, barracuda, jacks and bumphead parrotfish. It was one of the best dive trip of my life. The atoll had stunning, large coral. There was wall dives with loads of marine life such as frogfish, triggerfish and many sea turtles. The resort was well managed and the staff were a fun and friendly group who were really attentive. The food was good and included a Malaysian type sit-down meal one night which was very special. My accommodation was in a 3-star room with air conditioning, a comfortable bed and hot water." , Notthingham

"We had a wonderful week at Layang Layang. Our dives were well organized by the dive center and the boats were great to dive from. The temperature of the water was perfect. There was a lot to see including schools of barracudas, snappers and trevally. We also saw turtles, mantas, and reef sharks. We went there to see the hammerhead sharks and spotted a few on our dives throughout our stay. We saw white-tip ones as well. We were lucky enough to swim with 25 hammerhead sharks on our very last dive." , Singapore

"Layang Layang island Resort is one of the nicest resorts that I have visited. An idyllic setting far away from all noise, smog and industrial technos, the resort is for divers, sunbathers, families with children and bird-lovers. The inhabitants of its sea here are full of surprises, from the pea-sized Pygmy Seahouses to pelagic. During my short day, I had seen either Manta Ray or Mobula Devil Ray everyday. Others, also during my stay, had chanced in encountering Hammerhead Shark (Isabella of Switzerland) and even a Striped Marlin (Mia & Hans of Holland, Leander & Matt of Australia, Itsumi & Shonji of Japan). Lucky folks you are! There was even a whale shark on the day that I arrived (Divemaster Johnny and a couple of diving guests vowed). The corals here are pristine and animals tend to ignore divers. This is due to the adequate regulations set up by the Dive Centre & Management. I appreciate these stringent measures in order to protect the environment and the critters. It's been an honor to be a member of the judging panel of the resort's first Photo Competition. I look forward to coming back to Layang! " , Marine Photojournalist, Hong Kong

"Layang Layang is a first class dive destination by any standard. My professional diving career spans over 35 years with more than 7,000 dives across the Indo-Pacific region. I can honestly say the wall diving at Layang-Layang is the best I've ever experienced. Underwater visibility often exceeds 30-40 m and there's an abundance of large creatures including sharks, mantas, tuna, barracuda, and trevally. There's also host of smail--fish rarities. For example I found the Blue-backed Pygmy Angelfish, Oriental Butterflyfish, and the recently discovered Layang Damselfish. Although most visitors overlook the lagoon environment it's full of surprises and well worth diving. The week I sent at Layang Layang passed all too quickly-I'll definately be returning. Note: I recorded 450 species during my one-week visit. Using 6 key index families which form what I call the Coral Fish Diversity Index (CFDI) I estimate there is a total fish reef fauna at Layang Layang consisting of 657 species. " , Ichthyologiste, Australia

"My week spent at Layang Layang was some of the best diving I have done anywhere in the world. I had several close encounters with the massive school of Scalloped Hammerhead sharks which numbered in the hundreds and I interacted with the huge school of swirling Big-eye Trevally on every dive at the Point. I saw several Manta Rays and also a schoold of Pygmy Manta Rays. The wall diving was spectacular with health colourful coral and giant Barrel Sponges and the diversity of fish life was amazing. You don't always see everything that is promised in the brochures but at Layang Layang it was all there. The resort itself was very comfortable and the staff were all friendly and helpful without exception. Meals were varied and delicious, the Saturday night barbecue was a real treat! The Divemasters were extremely knowledgeable about their dive sites and the marine life that inhabited the sites. I was really impressed with the way the dive boats were set-up and run, with easy entry on to the boats and giant stride exit on the to dive sites. There was nothing left for the divers to do but change out of their wet-suits. I am certainly looking forward to a return visit in the future." , Western Australia

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