Kinabalu National Park

Sabah, Malaysia is home to one of the most well-known natural parks in South East Asia and the first one ever established in Malaysia – the Kinabalu National Park. Established in 1964 and declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000, the park is home to thousands of different animal and plant life species, as well as to Malaysia’s tallest peak, Mt. Kinabalu.


What are the Kinabalu National Park activities?

Known as Tamen Kinabalu in Malay, the national park is located on the west coast of Sabah and considered to be one of the most popular and well-known tourist attractions in the entire country, with literally hundreds of thousands flocking each and every year either to enjoy the beautiful landscape, explore the diverse and enchanting plant and animal life or take up the challenge of joining climbing expeditions to reach the tall peak of Mt. Kinabalu.

Mt Kinabalu

The park is extremely large, offering a large variety of engaging locations you can visit during your holiday. A 5 acre botanical garden features numerous species of trees and plants, as well as various species taken from the rich area comprising the park and its surrounding natural landscape.

The park headquarters is easy to reach from Kota Kinabalu – on of the major cities in the region – and you will be able to find proper accommodation quite easily.

Also, due to the park’s exemplary administration, you will find numerous locations for acquiring climbing equipment, suitable clothing, services providing guides and climbing instructors and everything else you may need to explore the vast territory and tackle the challenging Mt. Kinabalu.

In some years, more than 40,000 climbers – both professional and beginner ones – visit the Kinabalu National Park for the sole purpose of climbing Mount Kinabalu and enjoying the rich experience that the more than 4,000 meter high mountain peak would offer.

How to Enjoy the Unique Beauty of the Kinabalu Park?


The tranquil natural beauty of the Kinabalu National Park offered by its many diverse and exotic wildlife and plant species which can provide you with a unique and delightful experience every time you choose to visit the area.

The sheer richness of this beautiful park is quite astounding, especially when you consider the incredibly diversified flora ranging over more than 4 different climate zones and including virtually anything, from hundreds of different beautiful orchid species to alpine meadow plants.

The animal kingdom is also represented quite successfully here, with a large variety of birds, insects, mammals and amphibians. The numerous endemic animals the park is home to include unique species, as well, including the Kinabalu giant red leech.

Whether you’re interested in just spending a 2-3 day vacation within the Kinabalu National Park, explore the landscape or buy yourself some new climbing gear to tackle the famous Mt. Kinabalu, your trip to this wondrous place is likely to remain one of the most memorable vacations you’ve ever had.

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