Sapi Island

Sapi Island is the largest of the 3 smaller islands in TAR Marine Park and probably the second most popular with visitors after Manukan Island.

How is the Beach?

Sapi Island offers two short-stretching white sandy beaches ideal for beach walks and exploring.

The first beach is in view of Gaya Island, while the second beach offers rocky outcrops beneath the water which makes this area excellent for snorkeling.

How is the Snorkeling and Scuba Diving?

Although the shallowest of coral reefs here have been impacted by tourists, the fish life is still prevalent thanks to the submerged rocky areas offering protection to a host of colourful marine species. Sapi Island is also great for scuba diving as the deeper coral areas offer great underwater scenes and a variety of fish to see.

Sapi Island features several restaurants and tour operators who can provide water sport activities.

Is there Wildlife on Sapi island?

Above the water, there’s some wildlife life to see on the small number of trail paths through the jungle. Birds, monitor lizards, insects and Macaques that have come across from Gaya Island might be encountered. Macaques are interesting and highly intelligent creatures that make their way across the shallow sandbank between the two islands at low tide and can sometimes be seen diving for crabs in the shallows.

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