Tec Dive Courses

PADI Tec Deep at Sipadan

If you’re up to the challenge of technical diving, opting for the Tec Deep Package will give you the best value for money and make the most of your time at Sipadan.

This package includes all 3 Tec courses in one: the Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50. Divers complete a minimum of 12 technical dives spread out over 12 days. The package includes all course materials and will provide you with 3 PADI Tec certifications at the end.

An add-on to this Tec Deep Package is the Sidemount Course.

This would extend the course to 13 days and ensure that at least 14 dives were done.

If adding the Sidemount Course to the Tec Deep Package you would receive 4 qualifications at the end of the 13 days.

Contact us to book your PADI Tec Deep Course at Sipadan.