PADI ReActivate

ReActivate is a quick and convenient way to refresh your knowledge and understanding of the diving world and specifically what you learned in the Open Water Course.

WHO is up for an adventure?

Anyone who already holds a diving certification and wants a quick refresher before jumping back in the water.

WHAT will I learn?

Re-familiarize yourself with the diving hand signals, how to master your buoyancy and remember the safety procedures associated with scuba diving.

You’ll also have the chance to review and remind yourself of any other aspects of your original training that you might be unsure of.

WHERE will it take me?

If you’re using ReActivate as a pre-travel refresher, this convenient option will save you time upon arriving at your destination.

Hop into the water, review the skills you’ve refreshed online and you’ll be ready to start swimming in the big old blue again.

WHEN will I be ready?

ReActivate can take as little as half a day to complete. You’ll be back in the water in no time at all!

WHY should I be excited?

You’ll have the chance to work one-on-one with a PADI professional in a confined water area to refresh your practical skills before opting to venture out to do a few open water dives.

ReActivate can also help you prepare for the next step in PADI’s continuing education courses, especially if it’s been a while since you qualified as an Open Water diver.

In order to complete the courses for an Advanced or Rescue diver, you’ll need to be familiar with equipment setup, pre-dive safety checks and other basic skills learned in Open Water courses, and ReActivate is a quick and easy way to bridge that knowledge gap.

HOW do I do it?

ReActivate can be done online on a computer, tablet or mobile device and is done at your own pace.

The refresher course provides a general overview of the safety concepts you studied in your original Open Water course.

It reminds you of these concepts and allows you to explore more about certain topics that you feel you need to review.

The course provides you with diving scenarios and requests that you make safety-conscious decisions related to those scenarios.

This will evaluate how well you recall the information you learned in your original course and how your problem management and dive planning skills fare after some time away from diving.

As ReActivate is a fairly new venture, it might not be available in your area or your language.

Remember that you can always refresh using Scuba Tune-Up Online.

Contact us to book your PADI ReActivate.